Arina (born on February 18, 1993) is an Austrian singer-songwriter and independent artist. She achieved success in the German-speaking area after releasing "Better Now" from her first EP "A+".

The song reached over 200k streams within a few weeks and now she is about to hit 1 million streams on all her channels. She also appeared on TV shows, several live gigs and interviews.

After releasing "A+", including the singles "Better Now", "Come Over", "Queen" and "99%" in September 2023, she took a short break.

Now, a year later, Arina is back with a new song: “This year was a challenging year because I wanted to continue writing and recording a lot of songs, but I was completely blocked by my full-time job as a kindergarten teacher.” I love to sing about women empowerment, the courage to change and self-love. So what kind of role model would I be if I didn’t even stick to my own messages? I needed to move on and put all my heart and soul in my music again. Now I can finally tell my story and be myself again!” "My Truth" drops on November 17.